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Experienced Driver Course

At Start CDL, we recognize that international drivers looking to obtain their CDL in the United States may already bring a wealth of truck driving experience with them. Our Experienced Driver Course is precisely designed for these individuals, tailored to align their existing skills with the requirements and regulations of commercial driving in the U.S., and prepare them to confidently pass the CDL exam.
Both Automatic and Manual transmission courses include the following elements:
Classroom Instruction: The theoretical portion of our online course focuses on important industry knowledge. Our experienced instructors will guide you through essential information, providing a solid groundwork on which to base your practical skills and ELDT Training Online.
Practical Training: Practical experience forms the bedrock of this course. From managing the yard to driving on the open road, students will have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with all aspects of operating commercial vehicles under the guidance of our experienced instructors.
Pre-trip Inspection (PTI) Training: The pre-trip inspection is a key aspect of safe commercial driving. With the support of our experienced consultants, who are also available for online consultations, students will learn to inspect the vehicle meticulously before each trip. This training helps identify potential safety hazards or mechanical problems, ensuring the vehicle is safe to operate on the road.
Maneuvers and Road Test Preparation: Maneuvering a commercial vehicle is a nuanced skill, requiring a thorough understanding and mastery of techniques. Building on the foundations laid in the yard sessions, our road test preparation segment equips drivers with the practical, on-road experience necessary to operate commercial vehicles confidently and safely. The combination of yard sessions and road driving hours ensures our drivers are well prepared for their road tests, reflecting our commitment to their success in obtaining their CDL.
Automatic Transmission: This course component is dedicated to drivers transitioning to automatic transmission vehicles in the U.S. The course includes up to four yard sessions, where drivers can practice maneuvers and techniques specific to automatic transmissions. To provide a practical, hands-on experience, a driving limit of 5 hours is included, during which our experienced instructors provide real-time guidance tailored to each driver's unique needs.
Pre-Exam Preparation: Before the actual CDL exam, our students undergo a rigorous pre-exam phase. This includes an internal exam that mirrors the actual CDL skills test, offering an invaluable opportunity to practice and refine skills before the official test. Students get the chance to familiarize themselves with the test's structure and content, identify areas of improvement, and increase their confidence. Our pre-exam preparation goes a long way in increasing the success rate of our students in the actual CDL exam.

Characteristics Experienced Driver Course

  • Permit Online Test

    Free for everyone

  • Job placement

    Free for everyone

  • ELDT self-study


  • ELDT Certificate

    Free if purchasing any ELDT course

  • PTI online self-study


  • Practicing maneuvering skills

    4 sessions

  • City driving practice

    5 sessions

  • Pre-exam test

    Up to 2 hours

  • Truck for the exam


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