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160-Hour Course with Certificate

The 160-Hour Course with Certificate at Start CDL is a fully-rounded, intensive training program that ensures you are completely prepared for a successful career in commercial driving. This course offers an all-inclusive approach, combining comprehensive classroom instruction, extensive hands-on training, and proficiency development, all backed by our unwavering commitment to the success of our students.
Classroom Instruction (40 hours): We kick-start the program with a theoretical grounding to provide you a thorough understanding of the basics using our online resources. This includes learning about the rules and regulations of the road, safety procedures, communication skills, trip planning, cargo handling, and more. Our skilled instructors and online consultants will guide you through every aspect to ensure you grasp the nuances of commercial driving.
Street Driving Training (18 hours): Nothing compares to real-world experience. You'll get plenty of this as you log hours of street driving under the supervision of our trained professionals. This will expose you to a variety of road conditions and traffic scenarios, equipping you to handle a wide range of situations on the job.
Backing Maneuvers Training (16 hours): Safe operation of commercial vehicles involves mastering various backing maneuvers. We dedicate substantial time to practice these skills on the training range, reinforcing precision, safety, and confidence in every move.
Proficiency Development (16 hours): The path to mastery requires dedicated proficiency development. We allocate focused hours to refine your skills, enabling you to perform tasks seamlessly and bolster your ability to handle unexpected situations on the road.
Combined Lab Training, Range Training, and Observation (70 hours): This segment of the course is designed to provide a holistic learning experience. The lab training complements classroom lessons with hands-on experience, range training hones your maneuvering skills, and observation hours allow you to learn from watching experienced drivers at work.
Pre-trip Inspection (PTI) Training: Just like in our Guaranteed Course, you will learn the importance of a detailed pre-trip inspection to ensure the vehicle's safety and road-worthiness.
Pre-Exam Preparation: As part of our comprehensive program, you'll undergo an internal exam that simulates the actual CDL skills test. This process allows you to experience test-like conditions, helping you refine your skills and increase your confidence before the official test.
Certificate of Completion: After successfully completing the program, you will receive a certificate as a testament to your hard work and newly acquired skills. This certificate can enhance your professional credibility and provide a competitive edge in the job market.
At Start CDL, our goal is to provide top-quality training that fosters successful careers in the trucking industry. Our 160-Hour Course with Certificate is designed with this intent and commitment in mind, providing a comprehensive and rewarding learning experience

Characteristics 160-Hour Course with Certificate

  • 160 hours studying certificate


  • ELDT lessons & certificate


  • PTI online self-study


  • Online consulting & support


  • Practicing maneuvering skills

    Any Required

  • City driving practice

    Any Required

  • Truck for the exam


  • First exam session


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