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E-restriction Removal Course

Start CDL's E-Restriction Removal Course is the ideal training program for drivers looking to lift the E-restriction from their Commercial Driver's License (CDL), allowing them to operate manual transmission vehicles and expanding their employment opportunities.
This practical, hands-on course is designed specifically to help drivers with an E-restriction on their CDL - indicating a limitation to automatic transmission vehicles only - master manual transmission. By taking this course, you can remove this restriction and open up a broader range of job opportunities in the commercial driving sector.
Over the duration of the course, our experienced instructors provide up to 5 hours of city driving, where you will gain real-world experience operating manual transmission commercial vehicles. This includes learning crucial skills such as using the clutch, shifting gears, synchronizing engine and vehicle speed, handling starts and stops, and managing the vehicle on steep grades. Our trainers ensure that safety is paramount, teaching you how to safely navigate different driving conditions and scenarios.
In addition to hands-on training, the E-Restriction Removal Course includes access to our online platform for Pre-Trip Inspection (PTI) study. This comprehensive online module covers all aspects of the pre-trip inspection process, helping you to ensure the vehicle you're driving is safe and ready for the road.
Upon completion of the course, you will be well-equipped to pass the road skills test without the E-restriction, confidently operating a manual transmission vehicle, and expanding your employability in the trucking industry. Lift your limitations with Start CDL's E-Restriction Removal Course and take a step forward in your commercial driving career.

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