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  • ELDT exam is included to the price and a certificate is issued upon completion.
    ELDT Certificate
  • Theoretical support for ELDT exam preparation
    Consultant support for ELDT
  • Access to the platform for self-study of theoretical material, for PTI exams
    PTI online self study
  • Theoretical online support for PTI exam preparation
    PTI online consultant support
  • PTI discussion sessions (up to 1 hour) and a free book with all the preparation details
  • 1.5 hours of PTI practice and on-site maneuvers
    Skills session
  • City driving practice (up to 1-hour sessions)
    City driving
  • English language improvement course for drivers
    English course
  • Truck rental for taking the exam included
    Truck rental
  • Passing the DMX exam (payment directly to 3rd party comission)
    Final exam
  • Certificate of experience in 160 hours of driving training course
    160 hour certificate
Experienced Driver Course
3000 Price
  • $
  • 4 Session
  • 5 Session
  • $
  • $
Guaranteed Training Сlass A CDL Course
3500 Price
  • $
160-Hour Course with Certificate
5500 Price
  • 1 free, second $350

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