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Traffic knowledge and safety requirements may vary from state to state. This may include differences in the number of questions in the tests or in the focus placed on specific safety aspects. Therefore, choose the exact state in which you plan to take the exam

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Depending on which class of CDL license you want to obtain, choose the appropriate test. The tests differ in terms of topics and number of questions, so choose the one you need carefully

Reiquired mandatory test for all CDL

CDL General Knowledge

Today, you will have the opportunity to practice answering questions based on tho…

Questions: 50
Recommended for A & B Class

CDL Air Brake

Today, you will have the opportunity to practice answering questions based on tho…

Questions: 25
Recommended for A Class

CDL Combination vehicle

Today, you will have the opportunity to practice answering questions based on tho…

Questions: 20

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CDL Classes and Endorsements Overview

Obtaining a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) involves more than just passing a basic driving test. CDL holders must navigate a complex system of classes and endorsements that determine the types of vehicles they can operate and the cargo they can transport. However, obtaining endorsements typically requires passing additional written tests and, in some cases, practical skills tests

Type of Endorsements


Required test
Required mandatory test for all CDL


The first part of the CDL process involves several tests that must be completed to obtain your license. These tests cover a range of topics including road signs, traffic laws, safe driving practices, vehicle equipment, and other essential subjects
Required test
Knowledge Test
CDL Passenger Test



The P endorsement is needed to operate a vehicle that seats 16 or more people, including the driver
Required test
Knowledge and Road Test
CDL Combination Test



This endorsement is essential for drivers who intend to operate tractor-trailer combinations or other coupled vehicles
Required test
Knowledge Test
CDL Air Brake Test


A, L

If your CDL application requires an air brake endorsement, you will need to pass an air brakes test. This test will test your knowledge of air brakes and other vehicle components and systems
Required test
Knowledge Test
CDL Doubles and Triples Test



It is an additional qualification on a commercial driver’s license that permits drivers to operate combination vehicles with multiple trailers, commonly known as doubles and triples
Required test
Knowledge Test
CDL HazMat test



This endorsement is an additional qualification on a CDL that allows to transport hazardous materials in amounts requiring placarding under Department of Transportation regulations
Required test
Knowledge Test
CDL School Bus Test



Drivers of school buses must hold a School Bus endorsement, which involves additional training and testing specific to the operation of school buses and the safety of school children
Required test
Knowledge and Road Test
CDL Tank Test



This endorsement is specific to drivers operating vehicles designed to transport liquids or gases in bulk tanks, similar to the Tank Vehicles endorsement
Required test
Knowledge Test

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Ohio CDL Practice Test: What Will You Obtain for Taking It?

One of the most paramount milestones for individuals who want their jobs to be connected with trucking, transportation, or other commercial driving sectors is getting a commercial driver’s license. The Ohio CDL practice test serves as a critical phase in this journey, assisting individuals in preparing for the hard CDL tests. A large number of those drivers who have already taken Ohio CDL tests and obtained their desired licenses can assure you that practice test are irreplaceable tools and can bring a bunch of advantages.

Comprehensive Knowledge Required for OH CDL Tests

The Ohio CDL practice test is created to verify your familiarity with the rules and best techniques demanded for secure and responsible commercial driving. By coping with the practice quiz, you will acquire an extensive lore of these paramount facets, boosting your chances of success in the official CDL test.

Confidence and Preparedness

Another major benefit of dealing with the practice test is the enlargement in confidence it delivers. As you practice with realistic st matters, you become better prepared to encounter the actual Ohio CDL driving test, diminishing anxiety and worry. The good news is that you can cope with practice test no matter your location and at any time.

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