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Dry Van – Is It Considered the Best Trailer to Start Your Career?

12 Jun, 2024
12 Jun, 2024

Dry Van Trailer: Is It The Top Choice?

Dry van – the best trailer to start your career? Numerous motorists have this question in mind. The reason is that in the sphere of trucking, where endless highways intersect vast landscapes, the choice of equipment is of decisive importance. Among myriad trailers accessible, the dry van stands out as a potential variant for numerous novice truckers embarking on their career journeys. Nonetheless, is it indeed the best trailer to start with? Let’s get closer to dry vans and investigate why they can be the ideal choice for trucking professionals.

Comprehending Dry Vans

A dry van represents a variation of a semi-trailer. It is entirely enclosed to defend cargo from outside elements. Dry vans are intended for hauling palletized, boxed, or loose loads. In contrast to refrigerated units, dry vans do not have a temperature regime. Furthermore, in comparison with flatbed trailers, dry van trailers can not haul oversized cargo.

Sizes of Dry Vans

Dry vans are frequently titled “box trailers” or “dry van trailers.” They can be employed for various less-than-truckload (LTL) or truckload shipment types. If you have ever hauled or obtained a load, your items were delivered in a dry van with a high probability. Dry vans can be of miscellaneous dimensions.

  • 53-foot trailers
  • 28-foot trailers
  • Straight trucks

The most widespread type of dry vans that can be found on the road are 53-foot trailers. 28-foot trailers are usually employed for carrying LTL shipments. Straight trucks, in turn, are commonly utilized for city deliveries.

What are the Strong Points of Dry Vans?

When it comes to carrying out a successful logistic operation, picking a suitable trailer is of utmost significance. This decision can have a deep influence on the effectiveness, profitability, and safeness of your business. Here are the pivotal benefits of dry vans.


Dry vans are excellent for carrying consumer packaged goods. This is one of the major reasons why they are the most frequently utilized equipment type. Miscellaneous products, specifically furniture, clothing, and electronics are usually delivered with the assistance of dry van trailers. Furthermore, dry vans can be employed for hauling machinery and parts, household items, and nonperishable foods.

Powerful Defense

Another enormous benefit of utilizing dry vans for carrying your cargo is the defense it guarantees. Since the equipment is enclosed from every side, freight is defended against multifarious weather hazards, in particular, high winds, direct heat, and heavy rain. The enclosure and capability of the trailers to be locked likewise ensure a level of defense against load stealing.


Dry vans are effortlessly accessible from miscellaneous carriers. This type of trailer does not demand supplementary service or special operation. This makes dry vans one of the most affordable hauling variants.

Simplicity of Handling

Are you just going to engage in cargo transportation? Then you should be ready that maneuvering a massive vehicle down highways and through city streets can be complicated. Fortunately, dry vans have streamlined designs and standardized dimensions. Dry van trucks propose a relatively uncomplicated handling experience in comparison with specialized trailers, in particular, flatbeds or tankers. This simplicity means smoother learning for novice motorists who can concentrate on mastering the fundamentals of driving without the added complexity of specialized equipment.

Entry-Level Accessibility

Specialized trailers may demand supplementary endorsements or training. Nevertheless, dry vans propose a relatively straightforward entry into the sphere of trucking. In addition, there is no doubt that acquiring a commercial driver’s license is an obligatory condition for all truck motorists. But skillfulness demanded to manage a dry van is frequently more aligned with the basic training provided in entry-level CDL programs. This accessibility makes dry van driving an engaging variant for individuals desiring to launch their careers in trucking without encountering daunting barriers to entry.

Conclusion: Dry Van – The Best Trailer to Start Your Career?

In the extensive world of trucking, dry vans become a perfect opportunity for novice motorists going into the realm of long-haul transportation. Thanks to their versatility, simplicity of handling, affordability, strong protection, and entry-level accessibility, dry vans propose an ideal starting point for those starting their trucking careers.

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