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Here you could find Delaware DOT tests we prepared to help you to pass your CDL exams. You could find here General Knowledge test, Air Brake CDL Test, CDL Combination Test.

Required mandatory test for all CDL

CDL General Knowledge Test

Explore the General Knowledge Test for Delaware now!

Questions: 50
Recommended for A & B Class

CDL Air Brake Test

DE CDL Air Brake Test covers all the cdl vehicles types

Questions: 25
Recommended for A Class

CDL Combination Test

Upgrate your knowledge with DE CDL Combination Test

Questions: 20

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CDL Classes and Endorsements Overview

As you earn your Class A, Class B or Class C CDL, you can also earn endorsements. Endorsements allow you to drive certain vehicles or groups of vehicles such as single or combination trucks, tankers, doubles, school buses and passenger vehicles. The more endorsements you hold, the greater your chances to make more money and advance your career. You’ll need to pass a separate knowledge exam and/or road exam for each endorsement you want to get. Learn more about CDL endorsements and restrictions.

Type of Endorsements


Required test
Required mandatory test for all CDL


Even though technically it’s not an endorsement is the tirst or several tests that you will have to complete in order to get your CDL. Includes questions on road signs, traffic laws, safe driving practices, vehicle equipment, and other important opics.
Required test
Knowledge Test
CDL Passenger Test



The P endorsement is needed to operate a vehicle that seats 16 or more people, including the driver.
Required test
Knowledge and Road Test
CDL Combination Test



This Combination endorsement covers both Tanker and Hazardous Materials.
Required test
Knowledge Test
CDL Air Brake Test


A, L

If your CDL application requires an air brake endorsement, you will need to pass an air brakes test. This test will test your knowledge of air brakes and other vehicle components and systems
Required test
Knowledge Test
CDL Doubles and Triples Test



If you want to operate a vehicle with more than one tater attached (doubles of tripless, you will need to pass a doubles and triples test.
Required test
Knowledge Test
CDL HazMat test



This test covers all you need to know about anving venicles that can carty hazardous materials, such as poisonous liquids or matenals, explosives and radIacuve matenials
Required test
Knowledge Test
CDL School Bus Test



This endorsement allows you to transport students in a full-sized school bus.Prior to obtaining an S endorsement, a P endorsement must be earned.
Required test
Knowledge and Road Test
CDL Tank Test



This endorsement allows you to aperte a tank vehicle (a vehicle that transports liquids or gasses in bulk.)
Required test
Knowledge Test

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Delaware CDL Practice Test: Major Points

A career as a commercial truck driver in Delaware may be rewarding but demands a few critical steps. Luckily, the Delaware CDL practice quiz is an integral resource to assist you in preparing for the challenges and difficulties of the road.

DE CDL Tests: How One Can Be Ready for Them

Acquiring a commercial driver’s license in Delaware is a paramount step towards joining the trucking sphere, and it demands taking a series of examinations to confirm your lore and skillfulness. To cope with these tests successfully, one may consider taking a CDL practice quiz. The best part is that one can handle CDL practice examinations online from the comfort of one’s home. This preserves time and effort greatly. Whether you are aspiring to become a delivery driver, long-haul trucker, or bus driver, the Delaware CDL practice quiz is a key resource in your path to becoming a licensed commercial driver. It is regarded as a reasonable investment of your time, enabling you to be well-prepared and ready to go on a journey with certainty. Thus, take advantage of this resource and get on the way to a rewarding career in the sphere of commercial transportation.

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