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Can a Truck Driver Get Green Card in USA?

01 Feb, 2024
01 Feb, 2024

Can a Truck Driver Get Green Card in United States?

The United States is broadly known as the land of opportunities for a reason. This country has been a magnet for those searching for a better life and career possibilities. Among those individuals desiring to make the USA their home are truck drivers, attracted by the promise of stable occupation and the capability to fulfill the American dream. Nonetheless, the path to a permanent place of residence, generally known as a Green Card, can be complicated since there is a necessity to take into consideration countless factors. In this article, let’s investigate the possibilities and troubles encountered by truck drivers striving to acquire a Green Card in the USA.

H-2B vs. EB-3 Visas

The severe scarcity of truck drivers in the United States has existed for a long time. Nonetheless, it has boosted at a faster pace after the emergence of COVID-19. Nowadays, the deficiency is about 80,000 drivers. What’s worse is that it is expected that a lack of drivers will extend in the future. Fortunately, this scarcity can be solved by employing foreign drivers who are ready, desiring, and capable of taking their truck driver positions in the United States. In particular, definite immigration routes can be used to employ foreign truck drivers. They are H-2B Visa (Temporary Employee) and EB-3 (Green Card). Being a temporary visa type, the H-2B visa process can permit a hirer to employ drivers within two to three months. At the same time, being a permanent solution, the EB-3 process can take approximately 12 to 24 months.

Comprehending Green Card Eligibility

To apply for a Green Card, a foreign citizen needs to meet definite eligibility criteria specified by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). While truck drivers, like any other employment, can potentially acquire a Green Card, they will have to solve concrete tasks unique to their occupation.

Green Cards Based on Employment

One of the major ways to acquire a Green Card is through immigration based on employment. For truck drivers, the most suitable category is the EB-3 (Employment-Based Third Preference) visa. Qualified workers, specialists, and other staffers, in particular, those employed in non-seasonal, unskilled professions belong to this category.

Labor Certification

Before applying for an EB-3 visa, the hirer has to acquire a labor certification from the U.S. Department of Labor. This process assumes demonstrating that there are no skilled U.S. workers accessible for the position and that employing a foreign citizen will not negatively influence wages and working conditions.

Employer Sponsorship

After the labor certification is endorsed, the hirer can sponsor the truck driver for the EB-3 visa. This assumes filing a petition with the USCIS on behalf of the foreign employee.

Green Card for Truck Drivers: What are the Challenges?

While the EB-3 visa may seem like a viable variant for truck drivers, there are possible troubles unique to their occupation. The nature of truck driving, frequently demanding long hours and extended periods away from home, can make the application process more difficult.

Prevailing Requirements to Wage

The DOL establishes prevailing wage rates for miscellaneous professions based on geographical location. Truck drivers may encounter complexities in fulfilling these wage requirements, specifically if they are paid by the mile rather than an hourly rate. Hirers have to guarantee that the proposed wage corresponds with the prevailing wage for the concrete job location.

Job Stability

Ongoing employment with the same hirer is of paramount significance for the Green Card process. The nomadic nature of truck driving, with drivers often altering organizations for multifarious reasons, can craft troubles when demonstrating the needed job stability.

Potential Backlogs

The demand for Green Cards based on employment frequently overreaches the accessible visa numbers. This can drive to backlogs, delaying the processing of applications. Drivers and their hirers have to be prepared for possible wait times before the Green Card is acquired.

Alternative Routes

Although the EB-3 visa is a widespread pathway, there are alternative routes that truck drivers can investigate. For instance, individuals with exceptional masterships or considerable accomplishments in their field may qualify for an EB-1 (Employment-Based First Preference) visa. Furthermore, family-sponsored Green Cards, if applicable, can be obtained through relevant relationships with U.S. nationals or permanent inhabitants.

Final Thoughts

The route to a Green Card for drivers of trucks in the United States assumes overcoming unique troubles linked with their occupation. While the EB-3 visa is a popular and widespread variant, it is significant for truck drivers and their hirers to be aware of the concrete demands and possible obstacles. Asking for legal assistance and staying informed about the latest immigration policies can enormously heighten the chances of a successful Green Card application. Despite the troubles and complexities, the American dream remains within reach for those individuals who are desiring to embark on the journey towards a permanent place of residence in the United States.

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